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Equipo Multidisciplinario

Gastrobesity is a multidisciplinary center located in the West of the country that has almost 15 years of experience in the care and management of overweight and obese people. Throughout its history, its founder, Dr. Germán López Guillén has performed more than 500 procedures for weight control obtaining satisfactory results in his patients. The Gastrobesity team is made up of a group of health professionals specialized in the management of overweight and obese people. This multidisciplinary team has surgeons and bariatric doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, rehabilitators, sports doctors and supplemented with specialists in cardiology, plastic surgeons, internal medicine, endocrinology and pulmonology. The objective and mission of the center is to give the patient a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and personalized attention to control their weight and improve their health looking for this to be a way of life. Gastrobesity offers not only alternatives with surgery to achieve the ideal weight, but also non-surgical options, which are exposed after a complete assessment of the patient’s physical and mental state. The professionals that make up Gastrobesity invite you to be part of this team that seeks to achieve your physical and mental well-being through various weight control options, taking you by the hand for each of the different stages of this process.

Surgery of obesity and minimal invasion

It is the set of surgical procedures used to treat obesity that seek a decrease in body weight; As an alternative to the treatment, other non-surgical means are also used.

General Surgery

The surgeon is responsible for carrying out intervention procedures for conditions that are acute or chronic and require invasive management of the organism. Having the endorsement of a college of professionals in surgery is a guarantee of integrity and quality in the care provided to our patients.


Before any surgical procedure, an adequate systemic evaluation of the patient should be carried out, beginning with the respiratory, circulatory and metabolic systems; continuing with the adequate knowledge of his medical history of medical relevance.


The surgeon works by improving the function of the human body by intervening in the endocrine system of the body.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Exercise and physical activity are vital for the patient who follows a weight control protocol, it is our task to indicate the type and special characteristics of the same in order to achieve the expected goals without damaging the organism during the monitoring of the process.

Bariatric psychology

One of the pillars of the management of the person with overweight and obesity is the assessment by the bariatric psychology service, who will help us to manage the weak points and strengthen the strengths of the individual in order to carry out an integral and multidisciplinary follow-up. of the weight control protocol.


Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of the development of people and much more important for obese patients but in a specialized and personalized way according to their condition and bad eating habits. This is why the attention provided by a nutritionist effectively complements the management of our patients together with the rest of the specialties. The control of the portions and the schedules of the food is part of a reeducational process that will help to achieve the proposed objectives.

Plastic and aesthetic surgery

After a Bariatric Surgery or due to changes in diet and exercise extreme weight loss can cause other types of aesthetic problems. Patients often have loose skin and no elasticity to accommodate a thinner shape; this is where the specialists intervene to support patients with different options.


Is the medical specialty that deals with all diseases of the digestive system consisting of: esophagus, stomach, liver and bile ducts, pancreas, small intestine (duodenum, jejunum, ileum), colon (large intestine) and rectum.


It is a diagnostic technique, used in medicine that consists of the introduction of a camera or lens inside a tube or endoscope through a natural orifice, a surgical incision or a lesion for the visualization of a hollow organ or body cavity.


In some cases, overweight and obesity cause certain diseases in the circulatory system and the heart, which is why it is important to be evaluated by a specialist in the field. When weight management is carried out, risk factors and conditions of this type decrease, so that the need for medication and strict controls are much lower.


It is common for the overweight and obese patient to present respiratory problems, because excess tissue prevents this function from being properly carried out by the body, for example, when sleeping an overweight person can even stop breathing for a few seconds, this is why an assessment by the pulmonologist is an important part of the protocol of general assessment and weight control.

Dr. Germán Guillermo López Guillén
Cirugía General Laparoscopista y Bariatra

Surgeon on behalf of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara
Ced. Federal Professional 1042424

  • Specialization in General Surgery at the National Medical Center of the West
  • IMSS UMAE Training in Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery at the HGR 46 of Guadalajara Jalisco
  • IMSS Training and certification by Baptist Hospital of Miami in advanced laparoscopic surgery
  • Recertified by the Mexican Council of General Surgery 01042
  • Training and certification in Gastric Band Surgery Allergan Inamed
  • Professor of the specialty of General Surgery of the Medical Center of the West in Guadalajara Jalisco
  • Professor in different national and regional courses and workshops in Advanced Laparoscopic and Obesity Surgery
  • Founder of the Endocrine Surgery and Obesity protocol via laparoscopy at the National Medical Center of the West of GuadalajaraMember:
    • Mexican College of Obesity Surgery
    • Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery
    • Mexican Association of General Surgery Fellow of American College of Surgeons (USA)
    • Mexican Association of General Surgery A.C.
    • Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery A.C.
    • Latin American Federation of Laparoscopic Surgery
    • Mexican College for Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Diseases
    • College of Surgeons of the State of Jalisco
Dra. Martha García García
Especialidad en anestesiología

Surgeon and Midwife at the University of Guadalajara
Ced. Professional (Medical Examiner) 1712607
Ced. Professional (Specialty Anesthesiology) 241200
Ced. Federal Professional 8532939

  • Specialty in anesthesiology. Anesthesiologist at the Mexican Institute of Social Security and private medicine
  • Experience in patient management is overweight and obesity.
  • Part of the Regional Anesthesiology Association, refresher courses such as “difficult airway management”
Dr. Ernesto Alcántar Luna
Medicina Interna

Surgeon and Midwife at the University of GuadalajaraCed. Professional 7111119

  • Specialist in internal medicine: Specialty Hospital, National Medical Center of the West, IMSS.
  • Certified by the Mexican Board of Internal Medicine, A.C.
  • First re-certification: 1993-1998
  • Second re-certification: 1999-2004
  • Third re-certification: 2004-2009
  • Fourth re-certification: 2009-2015
  • Fifth re-certification: 2015-2020
  • Master’s degree in administration of health institutions. University of Guadalajara.
Dra. Maricela Vidrio
Especialidad en endocrinología, metabolismo y nutrición

Surgeon and Midwife at the University of Guadalajara
Ced. Professional 1260620

  • Certification by the Mexican Council of endocrinology and nutrition Presentations in different national and international forums
  • Experience in the management of the patient are overweight and obesity and their accompanying diseases.Member:
  • Mexican Society of Nutrition and Endocrinology
  • Mexican Diabetes Federation
  • Latin American Diabetes Association
  • Association of Postgraduates Endocrinology
  • Jalisco Society of Endocrinology and Endocrine Nutrition
  • Society Medical Association of Jalisco Medical College, A.C.
  • MEMBER HEADING COLLEGIATE Latin American Society of Neuroendocrinology
  • Founder Member SLANE
  • Soc. Latin American Neuroendocrinology
  • Former president of the College of Postgraduate Doctors of the IMSS Endocrinology Chapter
  • Former president of the Mexican Diabetes Society in Jalisco Secretary of the Mexican Society of Neurendocrinology
  • Member of the Research Commission of the Mexican Society of Nutrition of Endocrinology, A.C.
Dra. Gisela Polaco
Especialidad en gastroenterología y endoscopia

Surgeon and Obstetrician at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa
Ced. professional 4371466

  • Specialty in Gastroenterology and gastrointestinal and obesity esdoscopy
  • Specialization in Gastroenterology at the National Medical Center of the West, IMSS UMAE and the University of Guadalajara
  • Training in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy at the Civil Hospital “FRAY ANTONIO ALCALDE” Guadalajara
  • Training and Certification in Bariatric Surgery and Endoscopy ALLERGAN INAMEDCertifications:
    • Re-certified by the Mexican Council of Gastroenterology (Folio 1829) and Endoscopy of the Digestive System (Folio 1854)Associations:
      • Member of the Association of Gastroenterology of Jalisco Medical College 2004 Member of the Mexican Association of Gastroenterology since 2004
      • Member of the Mexican Association of Hepatology since 2005Professional experience:
        • Assigned Physician in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy at IMSS 180 Regional Hospital, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco
        • Specialized care in Gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy in patients of the Pensions Institute of the State of Jalisco
        • Private consultation in Gastroenterology, hepatology and digestive endoscopy.
Dra. Martha Peña Ochoa
Licenciada en Psicología

BA in Psychology from ITESO
Ced. Federal Professional 9765425
Ced. State professional PEJ 251540

  • Teacher in family therapy at the University of Guadalajara
  • Participation in transdisciplinary health projects aimed at people with chronic diseases, palliative care and health promotion in young people.
Dra. Paola Ascencio Aquino
Médico Rehabilitador

Specialist in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Electrodiagnosis.Ced. Profresional: 8590174

  • Certified as a Specialist by the Mexican Council of Rehabilitation Medicine, A.C.
  • Rotation in the Electromyography Unit of the Institut Clinic de Neurociencies of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
  • Graduated as a Specialist from the National DIF System – Surgeon and Midwife at the University of Guadalajara
  • Focus on Orthopedic, Neurological and Pediatric Rehabilitation as well as musculoskeletal conditions in patients with obesity for better integration to functional exercise.
Lic. Amparo Macías Trujillo
Profesional asociado en Rehabilitación física

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Graduate Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
Ced. Professional 7056862

  • Participation in Pan-American Games in the area of Physical Rehabilitation Coordination T / V CRI DIF Jalisco
  • Speaker in progress regional workshop Prosper Diploma Rehabilitation in the burned patient.
  • Diploma Katona Method Diploma Tapping Neuromuscular
  • Respiratory Physiotherapy workshop course Speaker of the Early Stimulation workshop
  • Diploma in Intervention for the Prevention of Neurological Damage in RN Hospitalized in Neonatal Therapies
Dra. Andrea Salazar Macías
Profesional Asociado en Rehabilitación física

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Graduate Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
Ced. Professional 8296519

  • Participation in Pan-American and Para-American Games.
  • Focus on the area of sports traumatology, geriatric, internal patient and obesity.Courses:
    • Massage Therapy for Sports Preparation Therapeutic Course for Burned Patient Physiotherapy Techniques Courses
    • Neuro Muscular Taping Course
Dr. Julio Alberto Martínez Cisneros
Médico Cirujano y Partero

Midwife Surgeon by Universidad LAMAR
Ced. Professional 272980

  • Bodybuilding and Physical Activity Trainer certified by the Physicist-Constructivism and Fitness Academy of the State of Jalisco.
  • Responsible for physical activity counseling for overweight and obese people for safe and effective weight loss.
Dra. Elena Zarai Moreno Montes
Médico Bariátra

Surgeon on behalf of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara
Ced. Professional: 10385791 Ced. of specialist: In process

  • Specialist in Obesity and its comorbidities by the Universidad Iberoamericana CDMX
  • Internship at the Clinic of Nutrition of the Ibero-American University CDMX for the treatment of Obesity in Adults
  • Summer rotation at the SickChildren Hospital, Toronto, Canada, for the treatment of Obesity in Children and AdolescentsCourses:
    • Participation in the XIII Obesity Course by the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zuvirán
    • Clinical Skills Course for the Management of Obesity by the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zuvirán
    • National Congress of Best Practices in Bariatric SurgeryTaught Workshops:
      • PsychoNutriEducative Workshop “Do not eat what you feel”.
      • Participation in workshops within the rotation at the SickChildren Hospital, Toronto, Canada, for nutritional education in children and adolescents. VIII Specialized Diploma in Nutrition in Surgery for Obesity by the Mexican College of Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases, A.C.
LN. Mariana Castañeda Pimienta
Lic. Nutrición

Bachelor of Nutrition from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara
Ced. Professional 10493464

  • Teacher in Clinical Nutrition. University of the Valley of Mexico
  • Diploma of Actualization in Obesity Syndrome. Autonomous University of Guadalajara
  • Diploma in Health Management. Universidad de Guadalajara Formation of habits to achieve goals. AFORTIORI C.U.P.E.A
  • Leadership and People Management Workshop. Universidad Panamericana
Dr. Jesús Espinoza
Cardiología Hemodinamista

Ced. Professional 3248075

Dr. Antonio Saucedo
Cirugia plástica y reconstructiva
Dr. Mario Lomelí
Cirugia plástica y recostructiva

Ced. Professional 834908

Dr. Oscar González Díaz
Medicina Interna y neumología
Dr. Francisco Javier Hernández Rivera
Cirugía General

Surgeon and Midwife at the University of Guadalajara
Ced. Professional (Midwife Surgeon): 4253786 Ced. Professional (General Surgery): 7252050

  • Doctor in the emergency department of the Terranova Hospital in Guadalajara
  • Doctor in the emergency department of the Green Cross of Guadalajara
  • Medical specialization course in General Surgery, at the IMSS Yucatán delegation
  • Basic laparoscopy course at the Ignacio García Téllez Hospital (IMSS)
  • Delegación Yucatán Field rotation in the specialty of General Surgery, in the Rural Hospital # 39 of the IMSS
  • Assigned to the General Hospital of Moctezuma, Sonora, as Surgeon General
  • Assigned to HGSZ # 23 of IMSS De Nacozari, Sonora as Surgeon General
  • Currently working at HGZ # 26 in Tala, Jalisco. As assigned in the accumulated day at the service of the specialty in General Surgery General Surgeon with Dr. Germán Guillermo López Guillén
2 (4)
Marisa Rico Rodríguez
Licenciada en psicología con maestría en Psicoterapia
-Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) con posgrados en desarrollo humano, formación humana, sexualidad, terapia familiar, psicología bariàtrica y Nutrición.
-Instructora de talleres relacionados a la salud y al desarrollo humano desde hace más de 10 años, docente en el Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO).
-Integrante de la mesa directiva de la Asociación Mexicana de Psicología, Nutrición Bariátrica y Enfermedades Metabólicas (AMPSINBEM) y miembro del Colegio Mexicano de Cirugía de Obesidad y Enfermedades Metabólicas (CMCOEM)
-Profesora de posgrados relacionados a los trastornos de conducta alimentaria, Obesidad, psicología y Nutrición en la Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG), en La Universidad del Valle de Atemajac (UNIVA) y en el Colegio Mexicano de Cirugía de Obesidad y Enfermedades Metabólicas así como en algunas instituciones gubernamentales.
-Ha impartido conferencias en Panamá, Guatemala, Santiago de Chile, Argentina y Ecuador.
-Actualmente forma parte del equipo transdisciplinario de la clínica Gastro Obesidad y es directora de la clínica integral de trastornos metabólicos y cirugía bariàtrica Gastro Metabolic.
-Con más de 10 años de experiencia, la Maestra Rico ha realizado investigación y consensos relacionados a la obesidad y su atención transdisciplinaria, ha sido expositora en congresos nacionales y colaborado con asociaciones reconocidas en el estudio y capacitación en Bariatría.

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