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Surgical and non-surgical management of obesity

In the management of overweight and obesity there are several options to achieve the goals of health and ideal weight that each person requires to be healthy. It is important to mention that an initial assessment is essential to determine through a consensus of professionals what will be the care and action plan of the person with this condition, what is the best option that can be offered to meet the determined objectives and the protocol to continue taking into account always the autonomy and decision of the patient in the process of change.

Non-surgical options include the follow-up of a feeding protocol (diet), physical activity and psychological assessment, as well as the use of devices to control food intake. These options are aimed at people who are overweight and obese grade 1 without metabolic conditions such as diabetes mellitus or high blood pressure.

Surgical options are directed to a person with a body mass index greater than 35, or greater than 30; but in those who already have metabolic health problems, such as insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure or other diseases or early cardiovascular diseases.

However, although there are various surgical and non-surgical options for weight loss and control, we must emphasize the importance of compliance with the initial study and management protocol as this will give certainty to the multidisciplinary team on the method of care and treatment. patient management. From there, several options can be set out by the patient on their treatment based on studies to diagnose the nutritional and metabolic status of the individual, laboratory studies and image which act as coadjuvants in the management process of people with this condition.


Whether you decide to take one or another option, it is vital for the success of the program to have adherence to the indications of the professionals that participate alongside you to achieve the goals of health and weight control!


The BMI is an index of the weight of a person in relation with his/her height, it’s the most practical method to assess the scale of risk associated with obesity.

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Congratulations! You are within your normal weight, although it never hurts to take care of yourself with 30 to 60 minutes of daily physical activity and take care of the food you eat.

Tienes algunos kilos de mas, es decir, Sobrepeso. El mantenerte así por mucho tiempo puede generar problemas a tu salud, te sugerimos implementar un programa de dieta y actividad física con un acompañamiento por psicología para un control integral y multidisciplinario.

Presents obesity grade 1. There are many health risks associated with excess weight, especially when there is a large percentage of fat. We suggest a comprehensive assessment of the composition of your body, and a control by a multidisciplinary team of experts to achieve your weight decrease properly.

Presentas obesidad grado 2. Están en un gran riesgo de dañar tu salud en el corto plazo. La diabetes, presión alta y cáncer son los problemas mas comunes asociados al exceso de peso. Te sugerimos acudir de forma prioritaria a una valoración por parte de un equipo profesionales del control de peso para implementar cambios en tu estilo de vida y ofrecer opciones para lograrlo.

You present morbid obesity. The excess weight that you present is causing many problems to your health and your life and maybe you do not know them, if you do not already present some disease like diabetes or high blood pressure, you are at a high risk of suffering it. We suggest you get the support of a multidisciplinary team as soon as possible to support you and show you the various options for weight control.

You present super obesity. This term refers to a serious excess of weight, where all the organs and systems of the body are working improperly, an assessment by a team of experts is of the first importance to control your weight and improve your health.